iQ3: Creating Actionable Intelligence

What is iQ3?

The iQ3 platform creates actionable intelligence around organization's individual business needs. Utilizing a fast and flexible rule evaluation system, a modularized behavioral processing system, and a highly robust and scalable cloud architecture enable iQ3 to analyze data from various disparate systems and sensors to create meaningful information. It's myriad of simplified protocols make integration of new data inputs, remote actuation mechanisms, or creating additional analytical functions quick and easy. iQ3 is the core that powers Queralt's wide variety of software solutions.

Utilize Data from any Source

iQ3 is input agnostic, which means it can process all kinds of data. From location data from RFID tags, temperature information, personal identity smart-cards, biometric data, or virtual data coming from an existing application- iQ3 does it all. By combining all of this information into one place, iQ3 is able to paint a better virtual picture of your environment. The information you care about comes is brought together the way you want, when you want it.

Act on reality

It's one thing to make a decision on a large set of real-time inputs, but why stop there? iQ3 drives automated actions based on the results of context-driven decisions made in real-time to complete the data processing lifecycle. Your data can not only think for itself, but also act for itself.

iQ3 turns your information into intelligence

Information without context is meaningless. Our platform takes your data and, through comprehensive real-time analysis, turns it into meaningful, actionable intelligence.

Stand out. Be secure.

With iQ3 powering your solutions, security concerns are a thing of the past. The best security decisions are those made with the best contextualized information. Stop settling for fragmentation, and boost the security of your solutions by making them smarter.

Easy to use. Fully customizable.

iQ3 has an-easy-to use web application providing you with a seamless interactive experience. It delivers rich content and analytics that are completely customized for your solutions. Achieving the right balance between between ease of use and the powerful engines that run in the background, iQ3 is perfect for you.

Access Anywhere

No computer? Not a problem. With Queralt's iQ3 mobile application, you can get the information anywhere you need, all from the palm of your hand. Don't wait until you finish reading through extensive logs or feed data into Excel to graph. We bring the data to you immediately, no matter where you are.

iQ3 is a registered trademark of Queralt, Inc.