Queralt — Authentication & Access Control Solutions

We build authentication and Access Control Solutions — understanding your use cases and designing solutions to enable your business while securing your assets.

How we work

We will study your use case, business drivers, and identity management requirements, then design strong authentication and authorization mechanisms for your environment — including mobile device authentication and authorization to cloud-based resources and across trusted federation frameworks

We will design the right architecture for your business needs. We not only aim to meet current business requirements, but also to help customers future-proof their investments.

We create efficient solutions for customers using best-of-breed identity management technologies.

We can aid in all facets of technology insertions: design, deployment, and long term support.

Benefits of strong authentication solutions

Use cases

Trusted Federation - Backend Attribute Exchange
Single sign-on with attribute-based authorization across different organizations

Union of physical and electronic access controls. Utilize existing identity infrastructure to make access decisions for doors and floors.

Applied Research
x.509 to FIDO authenticator to bridge mobile devices with strong credentials

Visitor Application
Android and iOS app that captures visitor information from PIV, CAC, and SmartCards. Can act as a Policy Enforcement Point, gathering attributes from users' cards and working in conjunction with Policy Decision Points.

All our products/services are available for testing in the cloud

Our ecosystem

Queralt partners with leading identity management vendors and integrators to deploy the right solutions for your business.

Queralt participates on IT industry standards development organizations to work together with other thought leaders.

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