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Access Control




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Access Control
Contextualized Authorization

Allowing access to sensitive materials, either behind a locked door or online, is risky. Our access control solution is attribute based—it takes various environmental variables into account to make authorization decisions based on a whole situation, and not just a request.

Intelligent Automation

What use is an authorization decision if it isn't acted on? We provide a strong solution to protect your sensitive materials, from locking doors, to shutting down access from a particular machine, to allowing access but notifying a superior.

Versatile & Real-Time

Point blank, there are no second chances when it comes to security. Our solution is entirely real-time- compromised credentials can be revoked immediately, or automatically rejected based on changes in environmental variables.

Smart Asset Management
Track. Monitor. Manage. Every step of the way.

Forget what you know about location monitoring. Instead of having to search through endless spreadsheets to find the data you need, our location monitoring solution brings that information directly to you.

Resident Safety
Real-Time Security & Life Alerts

There can be no room for error when it comes to people's lives. Unlike other systems, our solution pushes notifications to you in seconds, giving you all the information need when an independent eldercare facility resident needs help.

Behavioral Analysis

Why wait to find a problem? Our solution uses real-time behavioral analysis to detect irregularities in resident behavior, to alert the proper people when a problem may be imminent.

Perimeter Notifications

When a low-memory patient wanders, risk of injury increases. Our solution allows facilities to become aware of a potential safety issue before it happens.

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