Potential Use Cases

Utilizing the latest cryptographic algorithms, the QX.509 Authenticator is positioned to extend the use of x.509 certificates in the mobile environment.

The QX.509 Authenticator is a unique solution for interfacing government Derived PIV credentials to back end services, adding great utility to the leading authentication platform.

It also comes onto the market as certificate based attributes and personal credentials are on the rise.

Government & Enterprise:

Personal Identity Verification Card

Personal Identity Verification Card

A solution to meet the growing need to strengthen the Cybersecurity of Federal Agencies

GOVERNMENT – Provide a mobile solution to meet the need to strengthen the cybersecurity of federal agencies by:

  • Providing identity validation

  • Using PIV credentials as the standard means of authentication for access to Federal information systems

  • Extending the use of Derived PIV Credentials on mobile devices

  • PK-enables the relying parties utilizing the FIDO Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) protocol

All in compliance with:

  • FIPS 140-2 (cryptographic modules) - Certified Keystore

  • NIST 800-63-3 (Digital identity) - AAL3, SFA

  • NIST 800-157 (PIV Guidelines)

  • NIST 800-57 (Key management) 




Extend the value of virtual identities on smart devices for strong authentication to on line services

There’s a growing trend in Higher Education to mobilize a student’s ID whereby mobile credentials can be used everywhere their plastic ID cards were previously accepted. Currently such efforts leverage Bluetooth and NFC technology to leverage a phone for access to buildings, attendance and quick payments for services.

Utilizing the QX.509 Authenticator, these same virtual ID’s can be further extended for logical access providing strong passwordless authentication to online applications and services subject to real-time verification of valid id’s, providing administration with a simple control over access to institutional and cloud based applications.