How does it work ?

By integrating PKI identity verification with the FIDO process, the solution makes FIDO UAF authentication contingent upon the successful verification and validation of a derived credential, or x.509 certificate, stored on a mobile device.

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Our Differentiation

Our bridge between PKI and Mobile Authentication is accomplished directly from the mobile device without the need for a third-party service. The solution was developed with the open standards and algorithms listed below, enabling integration with PKI servers and on-line applications and services.

  • Operating system: Android

  • Authentication Protocol: FIDO UAF 1.0

  • Certified Algorithms: SHA 256 • RSA • Elliptical

  • Identity Verification: OCSP check using TSL 1.2

Patent Information

US patent Application No. 20180097640, Mobile Authentication Interoperability for Digital Certificates Filed November 21, 2017

International Application Number PCT/US18/54670 Filed 10/5/18

International Search Report and written opinion date 12/14/18